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My Hand Held Karaoke
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
My Hand Held Karaoke - KA10685
8cm(W) x 18.5cm(H) x 8cm(D)

All babies love to sing! Give them a microphone and you cannot get it back. With this soft microphone, there are 3 functions in line with their developmental needs.

Objective: Gross motor skills - walking

Method: Hold “My Hand Held Karaoke” in front of your child with the music on. Encourage him to follow the music and to walk towards you.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grasping

Method: The toy microphone is designed for children’s hands and is easy to hold. Encourage children to hold the microphone with both their right and left hands.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - pressing buttons

Method: Encourage children to hold the microphone in one hand and to press the buttons with his thumb.

Objective: Listening experience - listening to music

Method: Press the green button to activate the music. Music soothes and cultivates positive emotions.

Objective: Self satisfaction - recording and listening to your own voice

Method: Children can press the red button to record their own voice. They may practice talking or singing. Then they can press the blue button to play the recording. The sound of their own voices is very satisfying and encourages them to keep talking, singing, making sounds and performing. This trains the muscles of the mouth and helps them learn to talk.

Objective: Self-satisfaction - singing along with the music

Method: Children can press the green button to play six songs. They can sing along with the music, have fun performing, and develop a sense of rhythm.

Objective: Cognitive training – learning the names of everyday objects

Method: Pre-record the names of everyday objects (such as chair, table, cup, car etc). Then allow your child to press the blue button to play the words. As he listens to the pre-recorded words, encourage him to point to the corresponding object.