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Baby Crawl Tunnel
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Baby Crawl Tunnel - KA10657
Mat: 48cm(W) x 119cm(H)
Pop up tunnel: 44cm(W) x 55cm(H) x 49cm(D)

The playmat is designed for infants that are just learning to move. The soft and cozy mat makes crawling fun and comfortable, and the pop up tent makes a fun tunnel to crawl thru! Beautiful graphics on the playmat itself also teaches colors and numbers and can also be used as a growth chart. An adorable hanging toy is also included so your baby can have interaction with it while lying face up.

Objective: Pillow

Method: Patrick is made from soft and comfortable materials, great for using as a pillow.

Objective: Sensory training - observing while lying down

Method: Let your baby lie with her back on the playmat to observe the hanging mobile and her surroundings.

Objective: Listening experience

Method: There is a rattle in the inchworm. Shake the inchworm to attract your child's attention and observe her reaction to the sounds.

Objective: Reaching gross motor skills training

Method: Shake the inchworm to make sounds. This will attract your child to reach for the inchworm. This trains her upper body muscles.

Objective: Playmat – growth chart (for babies)

Method: Lay the playmat on the ground, and your baby on the playmat. The playmat can be used to measure your baby’s length.

Objective: Grabbing fine motor skills training

Method: Children can grab the inchworm. They can also shake it like a rattle.

Objective: Sense stimulation

Method: Children can touch and feel the ribbons hanging from the inchworm.

Objective: Crawling gross motor skills training 1 – crawling forward

Method: Stand in front of your child and shake the inchworm to create sounds. This attracts your child to crawl towards you.

Objective: Crawling gross motor skills training 2 – crawling through a tunnel

Method: Set up the tunnel over the middle of the playmat to make crawling more fun.

Objective: Crawling gross motor skills training 3 – crawling longer distances

Method: Move the tunnel to the end of the playmat to make the crawling distance longer and more challenging.

Objective: Learning facial features

Method: Use the Patrick pillow to teach children facial features such as the head, eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Objective: Learning colors

Method: Teach children to identify colors using the colorful graphics on the playmat.

Objective: Learning numbers

Method: Teach children to identify the numbers 1 to 9 on the playmat.

Objective: Pointing to numbers

Method: Say a number and encourage your child to point to it on the playmat.

Objective: Playmat – growth chart (for toddlers)

Method: When your child is able to stand up, hold the playmat vertically behind her to measure her height.

Objective: Learning the names of insects

Method: Use the pictures on the playmat to teach children the names of different insects.

Objective: Walking and counting

Method: Encourage your child to walk along the numbered circles on the playmat. Then encourage her to say the numbers out loud as she steps on each number (from 1 to 9 and 9 to 1). The repetition will help her learn to count forwards and backwards.

Objective: Learning about length – measuring things

Method: Encourage children to use the playmat to measure toys or objects around the house. You may also give children 2 objects and ask them which is longer. For example, you may ask if the inchworm is longer or if one of their toy cars is longer.