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Rattling Ball
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Rattling Ball - KA10839
10cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 10cm(D)

Colorful and tiny ball, shake or roll to make a fun rattling sound to encourage baby crawling, train concentration skills, and use the gross motor.

Objective: Sensory stimulation - touching and feeling

Method: Encourage children to touch and feel the textures.

Objective: Listening and gross motor skills training - gripping

Method: Encourage children to grip the rattling ball and shake it with both their hands.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - crawling towards the ball

Method: Gently roll the ball away from your child, and encourage her to crawl towards it.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - rolling

Method: Encourage children to roll the ball across the floor.