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Brum Brum Car Keys
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Brum Brum Car Keys - KIT23007
Size: 18.5cm(W) x 9.5cm(H) x 4cm(D)

Musical toy car plays realistic sound effects and 6 delightful songs. Press the back wheel for music and the front wheel for sound effects. Three different car keys included, one rattle key, one teethable key and one crackling key.

Objective: Sense stimulation - touching and feeling

Method: Encourage children to touch and feel the textures and to chew on the teether.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grasping

Method: Encourage children to grasp the plastic pieces with both their right and left hands.

Objective: Listening and gross motor skills training - shaking

Method: Shake the keys to make sounds.

Objective: Gross and fine motor skills training - pressing buttons

Method: After the toy is turned on, press the button on the front wheel for light and sound effects.

Objective: Listening experience - listening to music

Method: After the toy is turned on, press the button on the back wheel for lights and six different songs.