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Stroller Pal - Butterfly Sam
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Stroller Pal - Butterfly Sam - KA10825
Size: 21cm(W) x 17cm(H) x 4.5cm(D)

By touching and playing Sam as butterfly provide sense stimulation. Spinning Sam’s tummy and have fun.

Objective: Hearing and Visual experience – observe the infant’s response to sound

Method: Parents can shake the Sam as Butterfly and make the rattle sound. They can observe infant’s response to sound and see if his head would turn to sound direction.

Objective: Sense stimulation - touching and feeling

Method: Encourage children to touch and feel different textures.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - spinning

Method: Encourage children to spin the ball in Sam’s tummy. The colorful, moving beads in the tummy creates sounds. This action stimulates children’s sight, hearing and touch.

Objective: Comforting baby – companionship at home and on the road

Method: Stroller Pal – Sam as butterfly can be hung on any stroller, baby fence or crib to keep your child company at home and on the road.

Objective: Cognitive training – learning body and facial features of Sam

Method: Teach children to recognize different body features of the Sam

Objective: Cognitive training - pointing out the body parts

Method: Name a body part and encourage your child to point to it on Sam.