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Play N Rest Musical Mat
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Play N Rest Musical Mat - KA10414
100cm(W) x 82cm(H)

A multi-function, electronic mat to give baby the sense of security. Motion-activated light and music system (detachable for easy cleaning) at the back bumper to stimulate baby's senses, make it more fun and interactive. With adjustable corners, it can be an enclosed crib, a circular mat with fold up corners or a flat mat.

Objective: Multi uses of the playmat

Method: The playmat has adjustable, velcro corners. It can be used as a flat playmat, a circular mat with folded-up corners, or an enclosed crib.

Objective: Observing while lying down

Method: Set up the Flexi-Arch. Lie your baby down, face up, on the playmat to observe the hanging mobiles and her surroundings.

Objective: Listening to music

Method: Pat the footprints to activate the music for your baby. Music trains children’s listening skills and sense of rhythm. It also cultivates positive emotions.

Objective: Listening training

Method: Shake the doll rattles to the right and left side of your child's head. Then observe if your child moves her head or gaze to follow the sounds. This trains her listening skills and attention.

Objective: Developing self awareness

Method: The mirror can be attached with velcro to the four corners of the playmat. Encourage your child to observe and recognize her own image in the mirror. This builds up her self image.

Objective: Grabbing gross motor skills training

Method: Shake the character dolls to make sounds. This will attract your child to reach for the hanging dolls. This trains her upper body muscles.

Objective: Kicking and listening to music

Method: When children kick the sensors at the end of the playmat, music plays. This trains the gross motor skills in their legs and the music trains their sense of rhythm.

Objective: Rolling over

Method: Encourage your child to practice rolling over on the mat.

Objective: Grasping fine motor skills training

Method: Parents can encourage children to grasp the character dolls and to squeeze them to make sounds. This trains their fine motor skills.

Objective: Tummy time

Method: Put your child, tummy down, on the playmat, with the mirror in front of her. This trains her upper body muscles, to prepare her for crawling and rolling over.

Objective: Crawling and gross motor skills

Method: Stand a few feet away from your child, shake one of the character dolls to attract her attention, and then encourage her to keep crawling towards you.

Objective: Mirror

Method: The mirror can be used separately. It can be hung on strollers and taken along on trips.

Objective: Recognizing body parts and facial features

Method: Use the Wayne and Julia graphics to teach children to recognize body parts and facial features.

Objective: Pointing out body parts and facial features

Method: Say a body part or facial feature and encourage your child to point to it on Wayne or Julia.

Objective: Learning colors

Method: Use the different colors of the playmat to teach children to recognize colors.

Objective: Pointing out colors

Method: Say a color and encourage your child to point to it on the playmat.

Objective: Learning about length

Method: Use the ribbons on both sides of the mirror to teach children the concepts of long and short.

Objective: Pointing to different lengths and colors

Method: Say a length and color of ribbon and encourage your child to point to it. For example, you may say, “Point to the long, green ribbon.”