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Happy Triangle
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Happy Triangle - KA10620
Folded Size: 18cm(W) x 18cm(H) x 4.5cm(D)

Bobby's big mouth, Ivan's crinkly ears, Sam's game of peek-a-boo... Let Patrick and his friends keep your baby busy with this colorful, activity-packed bed bumper toy. It even transforms into a hanging mirror and a tummy mirror!

Objective: Observing while lying down

Method: Fold Happy Triangle into a triangle and hang it above your baby’s bed, with the mirror facing down. Lay your baby on her back and allow her to observe herself in the mirror.

Objective: Bed bumper

Method: Use Happy Triangle as a bumper by tying it along the side of the crib. Your baby can also look at the colorful graphics and reach out to grasp the flaps.

Objective: Listening experience

Method: You can make sounds by crinkling Ivan’s ears and Sam’s hands, or pressing the squeaker (hidden behind the singing bird). Use these sounds to attract your child's attention and observe her reaction to them.

Objective: Tummy time

Method: Place your child, tummy down, on the floor. Fold Happy Triangle into a triangle, with the mirror facing your child. Let your child practice raising her neck and upper body to observe herself in the mirror. This activity helps her recognize herself and also trains her upper body muscles to prepare for crawling and rolling over.

Objective: Sense stimulation

Method: Happy Triangle is made from different materials. Encourage your child to touch and feel the different textures and to chew on the teether.

Objective: Grasping fine motor skills training

Method: Encourage children to grasp the ears, paws, fish, teether and hanging straps with both their right and left hands. This trains their fine motor skills.

Objective: Flipping fine motor skills training

Method: Encourage children to flip Bobby’s mouth upwards to train their fine motor skills.

Objective: Pressing fine motor skills training

Method: Encourage children to press the squeaker hidden behind the singing bird to train their fine motor skills.

Objective: Crawling training

Method: Hold Happy Triangle with the mirror facing your child. Then press the squeaker to attract her attention and to encourage her to crawl towards you.

Objective: Learning characters

Method: Teach your child the names of the five characters.

Objective: Recognizing facial features

Method: Use the characters to teach children facial features.

Objective: Pointing out facial features

Method: Name the facial features of specific characters (like, Patrick’s nose, or Ivan’s ears) and encourage children to point to them.

Objective: Learning colors

Method: Use the colorful graphics to teach children different colors.

Objective: Peekaboo

Method: Play peekaboo with your child using the panel with Sam on it.

Objective: Learning about eating

Method: Teach children about chewing and eating by flipping Bobby’s mouth up and down, and making eating sounds at the same time.

Objective: Learning about singing

Method: Use the panel with Ivan playing a violin to teach children about singing.

Objective: Learning everyday objects

Method: Teach children the names of everyday objects using the graphics printed on Happy Triangle. Then name an object and encourage your child to point to it.