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Flower Shower
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Flower Shower - KIT23011
Size: 12cm(W) x 10.5cm(H) x8.8cm(D)

Flower Shower blooms with water! Use the stackable flower petals to scoop up water and shower your own body. Take it with you out of the bath, and stack the flower petals into a beautiful colorful tower!

Objective: Sense stimulation - touching and feeling

Method: Encourage children to touch and feel the textures.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grasping

Method: Encourage children to grasp the handles with both their right and left hands.

Objective: Eye hand coordination training - stacking cups

Method: Encourage kids to hold one cup with their left hand and stack another cup on top using their right hand, and vice versa.

Objective: Watching water trickle - This is great for playing in the bathtub and at the beach

Method: Scoop water into the cups and watch water trickle out the small holes. This is great for playing in the bath or at the beach.

Objective: Eye hand coordination - stacking

Method: Stack the cups, one on top of the other, starting with the biggest one at the bottom.

Objective: Eye hand coordination - nesting

Method: Nest the cups, one inside the other, starting with the biggest one.

Objective: Creativity training - building sand castles

Method: The cups can be used as molds to build sand castles at the beach.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning the names of shapes and objects

Method: Teach children the names of different shapes and objects, using the graphics on the cups.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning colors

Method: Teach children different colors, using the different colored cups.

Objective: Cognitive training – learning about size

Method: Use the different sized cups to teach children the concepts of big and small.