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Product Developmental Guidelines
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Merry-go-round - KA10752
Bath toy: 19cm(W) x 14cm(H)
Duck cup: 8cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 11cm(D)

A bath toy that turns when the kids pour water into the carousel. See how they enjoy pouring and pouring. NO BATTERY NEEDED

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grasping

Method: Encourage children to grasp the duck and pitcher with both their right and left hands.

Objective: Bath time

Method: The ducks and the pitcher are great for playing in the bath!

Objective: Eye hand coordination and cognitive training - matching

Method: Encourage children to place the ducks and blocks into the correct holes. This also trains their fine and gross motor skills.

Objective: Eye hand coordination - filling

Method: Encourage children to fill the pitcher with bath water and then pour water into the top of the merry-go-round. Watch the blades turn!

Objective: Visual stimulation - watching the Merry-go-round spin

Method: As children pour water into the top of the merry-go-round, the merry-go-round spins!

Objective: Cognitive training - learning colors

Method: Teach children different colors.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning shapes

Method: Teach children different shapes.

Objective: Cognitive training – pointing to shapes

Method: Name a shape and encourage your child to point to it.