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My Singing Birthday Cake
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
My Singing Birthday Cake - KA10543

Cake: 20cm(W) x 18cm(H) x 20cm(D)

Magic Wand: 16cm(H)

Knife: 11.7cm(H)

Exercise your little hands to light up the candles.

Light up all candles and the birthday song begins.

Blow out the candles with the cheering sound.

It's time to cut the cake and share them with your loved ones.

Objective: Listening experience

Method: Turn on the music (by pressing the pink strawberry) to attract your child's attention and observe her reaction to the music.

Objective: Grasping fine motor skills training

Method: Encourage children to grasp the pieces of cake with both their right and left hands. This trains their fine motor skills.

Objective: Sense stimulation

Method: The birthday cake is made from different materials. Encourage your child to touch and feel the different textures like the soft cake pieces, the plastic candles and the knife.

Objective: Placing the magic wand in the cake

Method: Encourage children to remove the magic wand from the cake and then put it back. This trains their gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination and sense of balance.

Objective: Pressing

Method: Encourage your child to hold the magic wand in her hand, and to press the button with her thumb. The star will light up when the button is pressed. Allow her to press the button with both her right and left hand to train her fine motor skills.

Objective: Learning colors

Method: Use the different colors of the cake to teach children to recognize colors.

Objective: Recognizing facial features

Method: Use Patrick to teach children different facial features.

Objective: Pointing out facial features

Method: Say a facial feature and encourage your child to point to it on Patrick.

Objective: Throwing

Method: The cake pieces are soft and easy to grab. Encourage children to throw the blocks and to train their arm muscles.

Objective: Recognizing characters

Method: Teach your child the names of the eight characters.

Objective: Learning numbers

Method: Teach children the numbers 1 to 8 using the numbered pieces of cake.

Objective: Pointing out numbers or characters

Method: Say a character name or a number and encourage your child to point to it.

Objective: Learning the names of fruit

Method: Teach children the names of fruit using the graphics on the cake.

Objective: Completing the cake

Method: Take the cake apart then encourage your child to put it back together. This trains her eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Objective: Lighting candles

Method: Encourage children to press the button on the wand and wave it over the candles, one by one. When all candles are lighted, the birthday song will play. This trains children’s eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Objective: Blowing out candles

Method: After lighting the candles and listening to the birthday song, encourage children to blow out the candles. The cake will play cheering and clapping sounds. Children can learn how to blow and also gain a sense of achievement.

Objective: Cutting the cake

Method: Encourage children to cut the cake with the little knife and share the pieces with friends. This trains their fine motor skills as well as social skills.

Objective: Catching and throwing

Method: The cake pieces are soft and easy to grab. Use the blocks to play catch with your child and to train her catching and throwing skills.

Objective: Odd numbers

Method: Use the numbers on the cake to teach your child odd numbers.

Objective: Even numbers

Method: Use the numbers on the cake to teach your child even numbers.

Objective: Playing in the dark

Method: In a dark room at night, children can use the magic wand as a flash light in exploration games.