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Musical Drum
Learn how your child can make use of this toy to have fun and learn at the same time.
Musical Drum - KA10814
Size: 15cm(D) x 9cm(H)

Young children have fun in drumming in rhythm and enjoy the music. The musical drum is made of high quality material and is safe for toddler.

Objective: Sense stimulation - touching and feeling textures

Method: Encourage children to touch and feel the knotted strings.

Objective: Musical accompaniment mode - listening to music

Method: Switch Musical drum to music mode. Musical drum will play three pieces of upbeat music. (Hit the drums after each song to activate the next song.) Encourage children to move or dance to the music! This trains their sense of rhythm and gross motor skills.

Objective: Drumming mode - gross motor skills training

Method: Switch Musical drum to drum mode. Children can hit the drum with both hands simultaneously or alternate with their right and left hands. This trains their listening and gross motor skills.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning animals

Method: Teach children the names of different animals.

Objective: Cognitive training – pointing to animals

Method: Name an animal and encourage your child to point to it on the surface of the drum.