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Love Circle
Découvrez comment votre enfant peut utiliser ce jouet en s'amusant et en apprenant en même temps.
Love Circle - KA10660

Mat: 90cm (Diameter)

Butterfly: 22cm(W) x 20cm(H)

Cow: 17cm(W) x 16cm(H)

Patrick: 23cm(W) x 25cm(H)

The Love Circle is a delicately crafted playmat. It has two big huggable cushions that link up to form a cozy circle for your baby, making him feel secure as he lies down in an intimate surrounding. The cushions are also equipped with a variety of activities and games. Fold down the flexi-arch and stack the cushions up to transform it into a training seat! 3 toys are included, a crinkly butterfly, a moo moo rattle and a Patrick toy with mirror.

Objective: Sensory training - observing while lying down

Method: Let your baby lie with her back on the playmat to observe the hanging mobiles and her surroundings.

Objective: Listening experience

Method: There is a rattle in the cow. Shake them to attract your child's attention and observe her reaction to the sounds.

Objective: Sense stimulation - touching and feeling

Method: The Love Circle is made up of crinkle paper, rattles, different textures and materials. Encourage children to touch and feel the textures.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grabbing

Method: Children can grab the cow and butterfly mobiles. They can also shake them like rattles.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - reaching

Method: Shake the mobiles to make sounds. This will attract your child to reach for them. This trains her upper body muscles.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - tummy time

Method: Put your child, tummy down, on the playmat. Shake the rattles in front of her to train her upper body muscles. This prepares her for crawling and rolling over.

Objective: Gross motor skills training - rolling over

Method: Encourage your child to practice rolling over on the playmat.

Objective: Developing self awareness - observing herself in the mirror

Method: Allow your child to observe and recognize her own image in the mirror on the back of Patrick. This helps develop her self esteem.

Objective: Training Seat

Method: Stack the two half circles one on top of the other and button them together. Link on the butterfly and cow mobiles. This forms a comfortable chair for your child. She can also observe herself in the mirror on the back of Patrick. Parents' supervision is recommended

Objective: Playground

Method: Detach the small toys from the Flexi-Arch and attach them to the donut cushion. Place your child in the Love Circle and allow her to play freely.

Objective: Fine motor skills training - flipping

Method: Your child can play peek-a-boo with the cow (behind the grass) and hen (in the barn). This trains her fine motor skills.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning colors

Method: Teach your child colors using the different colors of the Love Circle.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning facial features

Method: Use Patrick to teach children facial features such as the eyes, nose and ears.

Objective: Cognitive training – pointing out facial features

Method: Name different facial features of Patrick and encourage your child to point to them.

Objective: Cognitive training - learning animals

Method: Use the graphics on the Love Circle to teach children different animals and insects.

Objective: Cognitive training – pointing out animals

Method: Name different animals or insects and encourage your child to point to them on the Love Circle.