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KrokoBloko - KA10568

26.5cm(W) x 118cm(L)

Block: 13cm(W) x 13cm(H) x 13cm(D)

Big CrocoBloco has a body of activity soft blocks.

It is both a hugging friend and the first set of activity blocks for the baby.

Take out all the blocks, the head and tail pieces can form a baby Croco.

It's bedtime, it's sitting time, it's activity time... it's CrocoBloco time!

Objective: Hugging

Method: All children learn to hug. CrocoBloco is made from high quality materials. It is soft and comfortable, great for kids to hug. Hugging builds a sense of security and teaches them to care for others.

Objective: Listening

Method: Use CrocoBloco to make different sounds, (crinkle, squeakers, etc) to attract your child's attention. Move the sounds around and observe if your child's gaze follows the sounds. This trains your child's hearing skill and attention.

Objective: Stimulating senses

Method: Encourage and help your child to touch and feel the different textures and materials that make up CrocoBloco.

Objective: Play while sitting

Method: As CrocoBloco is made up of 4 movable blocks, parents can use it to circle around your baby when they are in a sitting position. Let them enjoy the activities while they are learning to sit steadily.

Objective: Fine motor skills

Method: Encourage children to squeeze and touch CrocoBloco (with both their right and left hands) to make squeaking and crinkling sounds.

Objective: Gross motor skills

Method: Encourage children to pull and shake different parts of CrocoBloco (with both their right and left hands).

Pull the butterfly. This trains fine and gross motor skills.

Pull the ball. This trains fine and gross motor skills.

Take the baby crocodile out from the pocket and then place it back in. This trains eye-hand coordination.

Objective: Recognizing body parts

Method: Use the crocodile as a teaching aid to teach children to recognize animal body parts such as the head, eyes, nostrils, front legs, hind legs and tail.

Objective: Pointing out body parts

Method: Children should point to the body part (of Crocobloco) that the parent says out loud. Some body parts that can be taught: head, eyes, nostrils, front legs, hind legs and tail.

Objective: Developing self awareness

Method: Children can look at themselves in the mirror. This helps develop their self awareness. Parents can also place their child's photo or a family member's photo in the clear pocket. This helps the child recognize faces.

Recognize themselves.

Recognize family member.

Objective: Color

Method: Teach children to identify colors using the colors on CrocoBloco's body.

Objective: Throwing

Method: The blocks that make up CrocoBloco's body are soft and easy to grab. Encourage children to throw the blocks and to train their arm muscles.

Objective: Numbers

Method: Teach children to identify the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the blocks.

Objective: The alphabet

Method: Teach children to identify the letters A, B and C.

Objective: Concepts of inside and outside

Method: Teach children the concepts of inside and outside by encouraging them to place the baby crocodile inside and outside of the pocket.

Objective: Balancing objects

Method: Encourage your child to stack the blocks one on top of the other. This helps develop her spatial concepts and trains her observation skill.

Objective: Buttoning

Method: Use the ball and the big button attached to CrocoBloco's head to train your child's buttoning and eye-hand coordination skills.

Objective: Throwing and catching

Method: The blocks that make up CrocoBloco's body are soft and easy to grab. Use the blocks to play catch with your child and to train her catching skills.

Objective: Butterfly catching

Method: The ball at the back of CrocoBloco's head and the butterfly in his mouth are linked. Parents can pull the ball while the child tries to catch the butterfly. This trains the child's reaction.

Objective: Assembling crocodiles of different lengths

Method: Children can recreate the crocodile shown in the following diagrams, starting from the simple combinations and progressing to the complex ones. It teaches child the concepts of "long" and "short".

Objective: Look and find

Method: Let children find which part of CrocoBloco the following photos depict:

Objective: Coordination and reaction

Method: Children can “wear” the four blocks on their limbs by slipping their arm/leg through the hole in the middle. As parents call out a color or number, the child has to raise the corresponding arm or leg. Parents can start with something easy such as a single number or color, then progress to two colors or numbers, or a combination of both. This trains your child's reactions and the coordination of her limbs.